Technical Writing

I create clear, simple text to explain how your products and services work.

How often do you read a set of instructions and think “I’ve no idea what this is telling me to do”? If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. It’s easy to make technical subjects sound complicated. I specialise in making those subjects easy to understand.

Why work with a technical writer?

In today’s digital world, attention spans are short while choice and competition are greater than ever. Having satisfied customers who can use your products effectively is essential to success. There are just two problems: first, the people who understand your products are too busy building them and designing them to write about them too. Second, the people who understand the detail aren’t always the best at explaining it simply – after all, it makes sense to them already. That’s where a technical writer can help. Technical writers specialise in explaining complex subjects in a way that non-expert users can understand. Clear, effective explanations help keep support costs low and maximise customer satisfaction.

What types of content do I write?

I write technical and business content of all kinds. That includes, for example:

  • User manuals
  • Website text
  • Reports and strategy documents
  • Marketing material
  • Articles and whitepapers

I have particular experience working with clients in the business management, aviation, and construction sectors.

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