Technical Editing

Good writing matters. Together, we can make your content professional, powerful, and clear.

Even professional writers don’t work alone. A good editor ensures your message comes through clearly and effectively, just the way you intended. I can edit technical and business texts of all kinds, from strategy documents to website content.

Why work with an editor?

We rely on writing for some of the most important tasks in business, from selling our services to sharing key information with our colleagues. With so much at stake, a small misunderstanding can lead to a big problem. Even for experienced, professional writers, it can be difficult to get your message across effectively every time. We know what we want to say, but that makes it hard to see our writing from the reader’s perspective and know whether that message is coming through. That’s why everyone from publishers to project managers work with editors. An editor will work with you to make sure your message is clear, understandable, and effective.

What types of content do I edit?

I specialise in editing technical and business content. That includes, for example:

  • User manuals
  • Website text
  • Reports and strategy documents
  • Marketing material
  • Articles and whitepapers

I can also work with documents by multiple authors to ensure the tone and style is consistent. I have particular experience working with clients in the business management, aviation, and construction sectors.

How does it work?

Every organisation is different, and I’m happy to adjust my process to suit your needs. I do most of my editing using Microsoft Word’s ‘track changes’ tool. This lets you see exactly what suggestions I’ve made, and gives you final control over whether to accept them. I always aim to explain the changes I suggest, and will set aside time to discuss any questions you might have. That way you won’t just have a better piece of writing – you’ll be a better writer. I’d love to help you create more effective content. To get started or discuss your options, send me a message.

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